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We are the explosion of ideas and creativity your company is looking for, believe us!

When we founded Bigbang Studio, we were thinking of something really big and this purpose remains always increasing every day.

I'm sure you are someone with initiative that seeks a differential, and like everyone else, should have stated goals, deadlines and goals, now is the time to mark the starting point and an ending point, we do not want to complete your company but add experience to expedite the process of arrival on the market!

We want to add something great in the history of your company, so you can count on our team!

What we do?


Fast, Clean & Modern

Our objective is to keep companies updated about the market, with the intention that each company has its website or form of advertising that is not only beautiful, but attractive and high quantity and quality in sales.

Mobile Sites, Hybrids Mobile Apps & Native Apps

We work with sites that address the dimensions of smart phones, tablets, iPads, iPhones and others, tested on all current platforms, we also develop native applications.

Easy Administration

All projects have a content management system, in which our customer can change text and images when and where you need it, just having a device with updated broser and internet connection.

Content Management

If you have or want to create a blog, facebook, twitter or any other projects that requires management in content but do not have time to spend on this, we have the right team to help you in this strategic process.

Creation Process

All our sites, virtual stores and applications, as well as announcements and campaigns, are carefully studied by the customer, the goal is to correspond or exceed expectations.

Digital Marketing

Essential for any company that is on the market, we will examine together, metrics, relevance level of pages, and improvements to the correct conversion campaigns and ads to raise your business to the top.

A new working style

Inspired by all companies seeking a higher goal.

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What our customers say

  • Marcos


    We decided to make a simple and functional design, many ideas have been passed, really is no lack of experience for this team.

  • Eduardo


    We enjoyed the development process because we can get really where we wanted on the layout.

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We want to understand the necessity of your business, there is no lack of creativity here, what is missing is you with us!

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